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With Free-Web-Analytics, you have the option to create multiple dashboards.

web analytics with multiple dashboards

More Data - More Dashboards

With the amount of data you can gather with our tool, a single dashboard can quickly fill up. That's why you can create multiple dashboards and even share them with colleagues.

Using an online analytics tool like "Free-Web-Analytics" offers numerous opportunities to gain insights into the performance of a website or online business. A particularly useful feature is the ability to set up multiple user dashboards. These dashboards are customizable and can display up to 12 individual widgets each. The flexibility offered by these customizable dashboards is enormous and opens up a variety of benefits and opportunities for website operators and marketing professionals. Below, I will explain the advantages and possibilities of these multiple user dashboards in detail.

Personalized Views for Different Needs
The ability to set up multiple dashboards means that users can personalize their analysis views to highlight exactly the information that is relevant to their specific needs. For example, one dashboard could be set up for social media analytics, while another focuses on analyzing search engine traffic. This thematic or content separation allows for focusing on specific aspects of the online business without being distracted by irrelevant data.

Increased Efficiency
By allowing each dashboard to display up to 12 individual widgets, users can grasp the most important information at a glance. This saves valuable time as there is no need to navigate through various menus to access relevant data. Dashboards can be configured to display key performance indicators (KPIs), which increases efficiency in data analysis and reporting.

Team-Based Analysis
Since dashboards can be shared with other "Free-Web-Analytics" users, this facilitates team-based analysis and collaboration. Teams can create dashboards tailored to their specific functions or projects. This promotes a better understanding of performance from different perspectives and facilitates communication within the team.

Role-Based Access Control
In organizations where multiple people need access to web analytics, multiple dashboards enable role-based access control. Different team members can be given access to different dashboards, depending on which information is relevant to their work. This improves data security and ensures that each user only has access to the data relevant to them.

Adaptability and Flexibility
The dashboards in "Free-Web-Analytics" are highly customizable. Users can choose from a variety of widgets to display exactly the data that is most relevant to them. This flexibility allows users to create dashboards that are perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

Real-Time Data Monitoring
With real-time dashboards, users can monitor the performance of their website in real-time. This is especially important for tracking short-term campaigns or for monitoring websites during high-traffic times, such as during special sales events.

Historical Data Analysis
In addition to real-time monitoring, dashboards also allow for the analysis of historical data. Users can set up dashboards to observe performance trends over longer periods. This is important for developing long-term strategies and understanding how certain measures affect over time.

Goals and Benchmarks
Dashboards can be configured to display progress in relation to set goals or benchmarks. This helps businesses focus on their goals and make quick adjustments if performance falls short of expectations.

Visualization of Complex Data
By using graphics and charts in the dashboards, complex data can be visually represented. This facilitates understanding of the data and helps in presenting analyses to stakeholders who may not be versed in data analysis.

Custom Reporting
Dashboards can be configured to serve as the basis for custom reports. This simplifies reporting as the relevant data are already compiled in a clear and understandable form.

Responsiveness and Adaptation to Market Changes
By continuously monitoring performance through dashboards, businesses can quickly respond to market changes. This is crucial in the fast-paced online world, where delays in responding to trends or problems can be costly.

Cost Efficiency
The ability to use multiple dashboards in "Free-Web-Analytics" increases cost efficiency as no additional tools or platforms are needed for the different analytical needs. Everything can be managed centrally in one tool.

Overall, the multiple user dashboards in "Free-Web-Analytics" offer tremendous flexibility and a variety of possibilities for businesses and website operators. Through the customizability, the possibility for teamwork, and the efficiency improvement enabled by these dashboards, companies can gain deeper insights into their data and make informed decisions to improve their online presence and business results.


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