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We not only provide you with the company name of your business visitors but also offer you their phone number and email so you can easily establish contact.

The detection of business visitors in the analytics tool "Free-Web-Analytics" offers a multitude of advantages and opportunities for companies looking to optimize their online presence and drive business growth. The ability to identify business visitors on their own website enables targeted outreach and individual customer support, which is particularly crucial in the B2B sector.

Detection of Business Visitors: Insight into the Potential

Targeted Identification:
The capability to discern business visitors from the overall pool of website visitors provides a significant competitive edge. Companies can identify which firms are interested in their products or services and can thus approach potential customers in a targeted manner.

Privacy-Compliant Solution:
"Free-Web-Analytics" respects privacy by only identifying the visitor's company, without revealing direct personal data. This represents an ethical and law-compliant approach, bolstering user trust.

Combination with Session Recordings:
By combining business visitor detection with session recordings, companies can precisely understand which content or products the visitor was interested in. This allows for even more accurate targeting of marketing and sales activities.

Valuable Contact Information:
For each identified company, contact details of relevant points of contact are provided. These valuable insights enable companies to directly reach out to key decision-makers.

Targeted Lead Generation:
The identification of business visitors is an effective method for lead generation. Instead of relying on broad marketing campaigns, companies can specifically target those firms that have already shown interest.

Tailored Outreach:
With the information gained, companies can develop tailored offers and personalized communication strategies that specifically address the needs and interests of the identified business visitors.

Optimization of Content and Offers:
Understanding which aspects of the website are particularly attractive to business visitors allows companies to adjust and optimize their content and offers accordingly.

Long-Term Customer Relationships:
Early identification and outreach to potential business customers enable the building of long-term customer relationships. Companies can thus establish valuable partnerships that lead to sustainable business growth.

Competitive Advantage:
In an increasingly competitive environment, the ability to identify business visitors offers a clear competitive edge. Companies that leverage this technology are able to respond faster and more effectively to market changes.

Sales Efficiency Improvement:
Targeted identification of business visitors and the associated lead generation can significantly boost sales efficiency. Sales teams can focus on promising leads and deploy their resources more effectively.

The detection of business visitors in the online tool "Free-Web-Analytics" offers companies a wealth of opportunities to refine their online strategy and specifically target potential business customers. By combining privacy-compliant visitor detection, valuable contact data, and the ability to analyze user behavior in detail, companies can optimize their sales and marketing strategies, thereby sustainably promoting their business growth.


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The statistical functions provide extensive information about the visitors with charts and lists.

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Funnels, keyword ranking, and information about business visitors help optimize business processes.

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Heatmaps and backlink analysis visualize user activities and the origin of visitors.

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Free-Web-Analytics provides detailed information about your own website for every type of online presence.

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